Brunswick Creche and Day Nursery

Who we are?

The Brunswick Crèche and Day Nursery is one of the oldest childcare centres in Australia, and is the oldest in Victoria.

The Brunswick Crèche and Day Nursery is one of the oldest childcare centres in Australia, and is the oldest in Victoria. It has been operating as a childcare centre in Brunswick since 1895 and continuously on its current site in Glenlyon Rd, Brunswick, since 1911. The centre is a community-run, not-for-profit organisation with a committee of management elected by the parents of attending children.

Brunswick Creche & Day Nursery is Rated as Exceeding

Brunswick Crèche & Day Nursery is Rated as Exceeding.

Under National Quality Framework in accordance with the Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010.

Enriched Programs

Brunswick Crèche and Day Nursery provides an environment where children can explore, learn & play. Our enrichment programs open up a world of discovery through thoughtfully directed and natural play to create an enriching learning opportunities and to expand development opportunities for children. Throughout the year, our program works to reinforce and enrich the daily learning experiences of the children.

Our enrichment program focuses on the developmental and educational needs of young children-emphasising school-readiness and fun! Our staff of experienced childhood educators will work daily to infuse habits related to school-readiness as measured by the Department of Education. We utilise a personalised, developmentally appropriate and integrated childhood enrichment program, designed to promote and foster lifelong learning habits. Here at Brunswick Crèche we believe that a child’s eagerness to learn when combined with an appropriate developmental program can strengthen a child’s love of learning and prepare them for exceptional academic performance


We have adapted the zones of regulations to suit our 3- 5 year old children and it is part of our daily routine. These lifelong skills we teach the children give them a greater sense of awareness to identify their emotions and express their feelings. Our aim is for children to process how they are feeling, and think of an action to help them work through their problems. We support children to problem solve by breaking down the problem.

Research tells us that having a strong sense of wellbeing and resilience is linked to life success.

Social Skills

Our program focus on developing and building children’s skills to share space, things, taking turns, getting along with others, sorting out problems, following rules and finishing tasks, entering play, dealing with rejection , building empathy and resilience.

STEM Learning (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)

The motto of our program is notice, explore and talk about. Educators aim at noticing opportunities to explore science, Technology, Engineering and Maths rather than formally teach it. We do this by valuing children play and stories in their learning of STEM concepts.



In the Kindergarten Programs we think of literacy in the early years as a range of different learning experiences such as music, movement, dance, storytelling, visual art and drama and also as a form of communication such as talking, viewing, reading drawing and writing. We focus on and support children with expressive language, receptive language and pragmatic language.

Long Servicing Staff

Our Director and most of our Educators have been with Brunswick Crèche & Day Nursery for many years. That means they know the children, their siblings and their parents. They see your child as part of a family …and they see themselves as an extension of that family.

At Brunswick Crèche we encourage our team members to develop their skills, add to their qualifications, and build their careers. All undertake professional development throughout the year and many choose to continue this development even further.

While all our staff are degree, diploma or certificate qualified to the expected level, all hold a Working with Children Check and a First Aid Certificate that encompasses CPR skills plus anaphylaxis and asthma response. Our cooks are fully-qualified with the appropriate Food Safety certification, and all staff undertake food handling training annually as part of our Food Safety Plan.

Our community run creche

Acknowledgment to the country

Brunswick Creche & Day Nursery respectfully acknowledges the traditional custodians of this land – the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation, their spirits, ancestors, elders and community members past, present and emerging.



Brunswick Crèche and Day Nursery Incorporated

ACN A0000346T

82 Glenlyon Rd Brunswick VIC 3056

Ph: (03) 9380 1740

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 7.15 – 6.00pm