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Our Curriculum

Our Centre is guided by the National Quality Standards, the Early Years Learning Framework. These frameworks guide and shape the curriculum for all education and care services for children under the age of 5, across Australia.

It is now recognised that the early years of life are the most important for learning. … It is natural for them to use all their abilities to learn. From birth, children are learning about themselves, other people and the world around them, and playing an active role in their own learning and development.

Children’s neurological pathways multiply and develop faster in the first five years than at any other time in their life. The architecture of a child’s brain is shaped by high quality interactions with trusted adults and peers. The foundation of a strong relationship with educators is fundamental for future success.
Our educators understand the impact relationships have on a child’s learning journey and are committed to ongoing professional development to stay current in their knowledge of how to best program and plan for every child’s developing mind. For a child, playing and learning are interrelated and our team of educational professionals embrace this.

Each day, our teams provide interactive learning experiences for children to engage and explore concepts of literacy and numeracy, consistently using their interests as a vehicle to learning. A holistic approach to your child’s development is prioritised through our focus on social and emotional well-being. Concepts such as confidence, resilience, getting along and self-care are embedded throughout the day and explored in small and large groups, as well as during spontaneous conversations with educators.

Information about the daily program, observations and stories about your child and their involvement in learning projects will all be available to you at your request. This helps to keep you connected to your child’s learning journey and share in their wonder and joy as they explore and discover.

Tiny Tots Room

The Tiny Tots Room caters to the youngest children in the centre. This room is equipped to accept children as young as six weeks up to two years of age. The educators in this room are highly experienced in working and supporting new families with young babies who are new to the centre. Staff work towards ensuring that positive relationships are fostered and that separation anxiety is reduced during the all-important transition period.

The room caters to 16 children with a ratio of one educator to every four children.

Mini Minors Room

The Mini Minors Room accepts children from two to three and a half years of age and is set up to stimulate the children’s imagination and curiosity. The adjoining outdoor area and sand pit, shared with the Tiny Tots, is large enough for exploration and adventure, whilst keeping children within sight of the educators at all times.

The room caters to 16 children with a ratio of one educator to every four children.

Top Kids Room

We have a strengths-based approach to teaching and learning.

We believe that every child has different learning styles, preferred ways of playing, and exploring their environment. Therefore, educators will provide different opportunities for the children to be involved in their learning environment.

Children should have the opportunity to choose what to play with and when to play with it. Therefore educators will provide a learning environment with age appropriate accessible experiences and open ended materials to the children.

Our program is individualised based on children’s interests and skills. We focus on the child’s strengths and abilities, using interests as the base for programming and planning is shared between educators, families and learners. Our program provides opportunities for children to experience successes, show what they can do, learn from what they cannot yet do, grow in confidence and look forward to the next challenge that is presented.

Junior Top kids – 3 year old

The 3 Year Old Funded Kindergarten Program

As of 2022 the government will be providing all three year old children 5 hours of funded Kindergarten a week led by a kindergarten teacher. The Funded Kindergarten programs for three-years-olds will be available at Brunswick Crèche & Day Nursery. The 3 year old kindergarten will be separate from the 4 year old kindergarten. This allows children and families to receive high quality kindergarten education and improve a child’s learning, and development outcome, emotional wellbeing, the longer term educational and social outcome and life experiences.

The benefits of attending 3 year old kindergarten is that research shows that quality play-based learning is a powerful way to support children’s learning and development. The benefits last into the school years and beyond.

Evidence also shows that two years are better than one when it comes to early learning. Taking part in a quality kindergarten program at an earlier age leads to positive effects on child development. It has even greater benefits for children who need extra support or are in vulnerable circumstances.

The 3 year old program supports children to get along with others, they practice being a part of a group, sharing and negotiating with their peers. They learn how to communicate, regulate their emotions, and build focus and concentration. This is implemented through a play based curriculum that is focussed on the children’s interest and learning styles.

Top kids – 4 year old

The 4 Year Old Funded Kindergarten Program

Brunswick Crèche and Day Nursery is providing a four year old funded kindergarten program. Four year old kindergarten is a one year program for children the year before they start school. It aims to support children’s learning and development, social skills, emotional skills, language, literacy and numeracy skills, self-awareness and respect for others, ability to make new friends and exposes them to new ideas and concepts.

Kindergarten is an important program for all 4-year-old children to attend, as it provides young children with the opportunities to improve skills that are important for life, and helps prepare them for school. Kindergarten will support your child to develop:

  • Language and listening skills
  • Confidence and independence
  • Physical and creative skills
  • The ability to work cooperatively with other children and adults

In the 4 year old program we extend on the children’s skills from what they have learnt in the 3 year old program. Now the children are learning to function as a team and are making contributions during play and group experiences. The children become more involved in group projects, speaking in front of their peers, investigating topics of interest and become more involved in community outings.

The kindergarten teacher is responsible for planning an educational program to meet the children’s needs and interests, and to develop a desire to learn. There is an emphasis on a play-orientated approach to learning, to suit the developmental level of individual children.

Our community run creche

Acknowledgment to the country

Brunswick Creche & Day Nursery respectfully acknowledges the traditional custodians of this land – the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation, their spirits, ancestors, elders and community members past, present and emerging.



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