Our Philosophy


We believe that play is essential to a child’s wellbeing and guides all aspects of curriculum design. Play explores relationships, materials and the physical environment. It provides the space for the child to recognise themselves as competent learners.

The educators at Brunswick Crèche support and practice these relationships. We are committed to providing the space for ongoing exploration. This understanding of the physical and emotional aspects of the environment creates deep connections and a solid foundation for lifelong learning.

Our Vision

Brunswick Crèche is a diverse learning community committed to programs of excellence for children, their families and educators that embody best practices of early childhood education and promote collaborations that help all children realise their full potential.

Our Mission

To foster and encourage children as capable and confident learners, and support children to reach their full potential.

Kindergarten Philosophy

Evidence tells us that children learn best through play so, we provide a play based indoor/ outdoor program. Allowing children to be guided by their interests, we also support them to step out of there comfort zone.

Theorist such as Montessori, Erickson, and Vygotsky influence our program. Children are learning responsibility and have many opportunities to “do” through repetition. They are encouraged to learn from their mistakes and recognise that mistakes are opportunities to self-reflect and discover new ways of doing things.

Theorist such as Vygotsky tell us that children learn by interacting with others, so we aim to support children’s understanding of healthy relationships, conflict resolution and how actions can have a positive or negative impact on others.

Our teaching is intentional with focus of intellectual learning rather than rote or academic learning. Children learn best as they experience their world through their sight, hearing, smell taste and touch.

Incidental teaching is also reflected daily as we aim to spontaneously capture teachable moments.

Children’s learning is captured through drawings and their words are documented to capture their own thoughts, ideas, opinions and learning processes.

Evidence tells us that social and emotional development are key to later success and mental health so the learning program is focussed on learning dispositions and strongly supported by evidence based research through the Raising children’s network and Be you.

We believe that children have the right to be seen, heard and feel understood in order to feel confident and joyful in their learning environment.